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The Periodic Survey is an AAP program that has collected more than 75,000 pediatrician responses on over 100 topics since 1987.The core purpose of the Periodic Survey is to support the AAP’s strategic mission, and data collected by the survey have been essential in directly informing the Academy’s policy, education, and advocacy initiatives. The AAP conducts 3-4 Periodic Surveys per year and each Periodic Survey is administered to a nationally representative, random sample of approximately 1,600 U.S.-based, non-retired members of the AAP.

Click the column headings to sort or filter by topic or year the survey was conducted. To learn more about a particular survey, click "View Results" under the Survey Results column.

If a topic you're searching for has not had a study conducted in the last 5 years, click "Contact Us for Information" and let us know what you're searching for so we can provide you with the information you need.

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