Helping Babies Breathe 2nd Edition features a number of important updates and improvements. It includes scientific updates that harmonize with 2015 ILCOR Consensus on Science with Treatment Recommendations, and 2012 WHO Guidelines on Basic Newborn Resuscitation. It also contains strengthened educational advice and new guidance on program implementation and quality improvement. ​

We have developed a number of resources to help promote widespread awareness of the changes associated with HBB 2nd Edition, as well as provide learners, facilitators and in-country stakeholders with the information necessary to ensure a seamless transition to the new content and materials. Please explore the resources listed below:​

HBB 2nd Edition Summary of Changes​:​  an overview of updates made to each of the HBB 2nd Edition materials – Action Plan, Facilitator Flip Chart, and Pro​vider Guide – that clearly delineates the changes between HBB 1st Edition and HBB 2nd Edition.

HBB 2nd Edition FAQs:  a comprehensive list of answers to frequently asked questions related to HBB 2nd Edition.​

HBB 2nd Edition Educational Materials: download the HB​B 2nd Edition Action Plan, Facilitator Flip Chart and Provider Guide at no cost. Materials are currently available in English, more languages coming soon.

HBB 2nd Edition Update Guide:  a tool offering guidance on incorporating HBB 2nd Edition content changes into future trainings to ensure a seamless trans​ition from HBB 1st Edition to HBB 2nd Edition.

HBB 2nd Edition Update Presentations:

​​HBB 2nd Edition Webinars:  an on-demand presentation providing an overview of HBB 2nd Edition features and changes, as well as answer anticipated questions and provide general guidance for transitioning to HBB 2nd Edition. 


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