More than half of students finished medical school owing $200,000 or more. You can find Financial Aid Resources on the AAMC website to help guide you in paying for medical school, resources to help manage your finances and much more.

Dealing with Debt

The AAP Annual Survey of Graduating Residents assesses trends in education debt among pediatric residents and starting post-residency salaries. According to recent survey data, after educational debt has risen over many years, the growth in pediatric residents' educational debt has finally leveled off, and the starting salaries of those going into general pediatric practice have increased modestly.

You are probably wondering what a pediatrician or a pediatric subspecialist would make as a starting salary just out of training or compared to other specialties. Salary information can be found under our Managing Your Career resources.

Government Programs that Support Medical Education

Seek Guidance Early

When scheduling an interview at a medical school, request a session with a financial aid officer. Find out how the process works at that school and learn what you can about options and procedures for paying for school.

It is critically important to obtain qualified advice before entering into any loan repayment employment agreement. There are many government programs that vary dramatically. A firm understanding of what commitments are made and what promises have been secured is essential. Look closely at the source of funding and the fine print. Consult mentors on your faculty and in your student affairs office before entering into any commitments.  

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