Our priorities include research to generate new knowledge about pediatric practice and child health, engagement to link pediatricians with experts in research and dissemination of research results to improve patient care.


Current research in PROS tackles challenges in pediatric primary care:

    • Obesity treatment 
    • HPV vaccination
    • Antibiotic prescribing
    • Social determinants of health
    • Adolescent alcohol use


PROS works with pediatricians, parents, youth, families, and experts from multiple disciplines to address burning questions in pediatric primary care


PROS has >30 years of contribution to pediatric practice and child health: 

        • Informed clinical guidelines for puberty screening, hypertension, and others
        • Improved child health and clinical practice in primary care for:
        • Obesity treatment
        • Teen driving
        • Child abuse screening
        • Child safety/injury prevention
        • Vision and hearing screening
        • Treatment of fever in infants

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