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“Giving to the Friends of Children Fund is so rewarding to me because I actually get to see the results of my giving – every day. In recent years, FCF funded two grants that helped our local chapter train healthcare professionals, educators, and mental health experts to address the medical, social, and legal needs of immigrant children. This funding has allowed us to grow a community of stakeholders dedicated to the care of this vulnerable populations. My giving to FCF started when I was a resident, giving a little at a time, and donating more over time. Every donation counts!”

 Lanre Falusi, MD, FAAP

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Carmelita Britton, MD, FAAP

"I initially gave to the AAP because it was expected and my mentor supported the culture of contributing. Now, I continue to give for several reasons. My own cultural belief is that one should monetarily support those entities that bring pleasure to us, enrich our lives, sustain nature, and contribute to a healthy society. The wellness of our world’s children is critical to all of the above. I also believe that AAP resources are critical to the wellness of our children."


Carolyn Lytle, MD, FAAP

"I started giving to the Friends of Children Fund when I realized the tremendous impact the AAP has on children from all walks of life from advocacy to local chapter support.  I can personally touch the lives of children in my state through local ballot measures and by providing care in my practice but a larger, more global effort is needed. The Friends of Children Fund is a great way for me to help ensure that this important work is sustained."


Paul Kaplowitz, MD, FAAP

"The best part about making a gift to an organization like the AAP is that the impact gets magnified – it plugs you and your gift into the collective minds and power of the entire pediatric profession. I’m thankful to be able to leave a legacy at the organization that’s done so much for me and my colleagues throughout our careers."


Stuart Cohen, MD, FAAP

"I am inspired by the AAP. The Academy has been my lifelong medical home and a singular source of satisfaction in my career as a pediatrician. It has enabled me to participate in both organized medicine and in the political arena at the city, county, state, and national level. Over time we have been fortunate to experience many successful programs and outcomes for both families and children and for pediatricians as a result of our participation. My wife and I decided to reciprocate by going ahead with making major contributions to both the For Our Future Campaign and Tomorrow’s Children Endowment. We hope to see the fruits of our philanthropy now as the Academy leverages these and other contributions into having a major impact on the organization."


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