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“Giving to the Friends of Children Fund is so rewarding to me because I actually get to see the results of my giving – every day. In recent years, FCF funded two grants that helped our local chapter train healthcare professionals, educators, and mental health experts to address the medical, social, and legal needs of immigrant children. This funding has allowed us to grow a community of stakeholders dedicated to the care of this vulnerable populations. My giving to FCF started when I was a resident, giving a little at a time, and donating more over time. Every donation counts!”

 Lanre Falusi, MD, FAAP

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Renee R. Jenkins, MD, FAAP

“I have always considered philanthropic support of the Friends of Children Fund and the Tomorrow’s Children Endowment to be an important part of AAP membership.”


M. Katie Keown, MD, FAAP

“The CATCH planning grant that launched Healthy Kids NYC was pivotal in expanding our work, and it led us to our current Healthy Tomorrows Partnership for Children Program. As a result, we have made a lasting impact for families experiencing homelessness in our community.”

Sheila Palevsky, MD, MPH, FAAP

“Of course we thought of the Academy. It has been my home for so many years and I always trust that the Academy will do the right thing for children.”


Kelly Lynn Hodges, MD, FAAP

“We had no idea that our small CATCH grant would lead to additional funding and eventually contribute to the development of the Foster Care Medical Home Medicaid program. The grant (funded by the Friends of Children Fund) laid the groundwork for where we are today.”


Amy E. Shriver, MD, FAAP

“Friends of Children funds support the work we do as AAP Early Childhood Champions. I'm so grateful to the Friends of Children for the opportunity to learn from early childhood champions across the country to promote early childhood and family well-being."


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