Friends of Children Fund: Projects Funded for Fiscal Year 2024

  1. Accessibility Workflow Improvements for AAP Publications: Supporting Learning Diversity
  2. Advancing the AAP Response to the Youth Suicide Crisis: A Multimodal Approach
  3. COVID-19 Recovery and Pediatric Disaster Readiness Project: AAP Perspectives and a Strong Path Forward for Children
  4. Global Pediatric Disaster Preparedness Virtual Course
  5. Health Equity Learning for Primary-care Pediatrics (HELPP) Toolkit
  6. SODBP Workforce Action Plan Implementation

Friends of Children Fund: Projects Funded for Fiscal Year 2023

  1. 10th International Meeting on Indigenous Child Health
  2. Addressing Mental Health in Adolescents Around the Globe
  3. Enhancing Federal Advocacy Opportunities to Support Children in Humanitarian Crises
  4. Healthy Teens Initiative
  5. Increasing Accessibility for AAP Publications
  6. Increasing Diversity in Medicine Through Hardship Scholarships
  7. Lessons Learned from the COVID-19 Pandemic
  8. Medicaid Transformation Summit
  9. State Advocacy Grants to Enhance Healthy Mental Development

Friends of Children Fund: Projects Funded for Fiscal Year 2022

  1. The Value of Vaccines: A Message Framework to Improve Vaccine Confidence
  2. Immersive Virtual Reality Simulation Training to Promote Equity and Anti-Racism
  3. Difficult Conversations in EDI: Improving Communication Skills and Attitudes of Pediatricians Through the Use of Simulation
  4. Engaging Families in AAP Communications
  5. Support for Diverse Practices with Bright Futures Parent/Patient Handouts (Based on content from the Bright Futures Tool and Resource Kid, 2nd Edition)
  6. Chapter Engagement: Using Teen Immunization Advisors to Enhance Adolescent Health and Immunization Services
  7. Revamping the AAP Advocacy Guide
  8. Female Leadership and Excellence (FLEX)-Summit 2021
  9. Pediatric Approach to Trauma, Treatment and Resilience (PATTeR) Online Learning Module
  10. Bright Futures Guidelines Pocket Guide for Residents
  11. Advancing Health Mental Health Development (compilation of 6 programs)
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