Make Your Gift for Children

You have the power to champion important American Academy of Pediatrics programs. Programs like Advancing Healthy Mental Development and the Youth Suicide Prevention Summit. Donations give life to new AAP initiatives to address a growing crisis in the mental and emotional health of children and adolescents. Your gifts help bring change for children at a critical juncture.

AAP programs address this vital crisis, along with fighting for anti-racist care for all children, raising vaccine confidence and much more. Your gift can help the AAP keep moving crucial programs and initiatives forward.

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Friends of Children Fund Projects Funded May 2023

The AAP Board of Directors approved over a quarter of a million dollars from the Friends of Children Fund to support six outstanding child health projects, addressing crucial topics for children and pediatric medicine. Thanks to generous donations from members, staff and corporate supporters to the Friends of Children Fund, these tremendous projects will be put into action.

Providing Help

The Friends of Children Fund provides help where it is needed the most - giving infants, children and teenagers around the world the future they deserve.

Carolyn Lytle, MD, FAAP

"I started giving to the Friends of Children Fund when I realized the tremendous impact the AAP has on children from all walks of life from advocacy to local chapter support.I can personally touch the lives of children in my state through local ballot measures and by providing care in my practice but a larger, more global effort is needed. The Friends of Children Fund is a great way for me to help ensure that this important work is sustained."

You Have Choices

A gift today
Your gift provides critical support for a variety of different initiatives, including community pediatrics, injury prevention, early brain development, and much more.
A gift through your estate plan
You can include a gift to the Friends of Children Fund in your Will, stating that a certain dollar amount or percentage of your estate will pass to the AAP.
A gift from your business
Your organization can support the Friends of Children Fund and receive benefits like invitiations to special events.

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To learn more, contact Donor Services or call 888-700-5378, Monday-Friday, 8:00am - 4:00pm Central. Mail your gift to AAP Development, PO Box 7525, Carol Stream, IL 60197-7525.